HVO Fuel

Regency Oils can supply you with HVO fuel. HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a diesel replacement, which can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, helping your home or business to reduce its environmental footprint whilst also improving efficiency. It is one of the cleanest and purest fuels on the market.

HVO, is a paraffinic synthetic renewable diesel. Thanks to its diesel like qualities and because it adheres to EN15940 specifications, the fossil free oil is a drop-in replacement for mineral diesel such as Red Diesel and Derv. It is a massive step forward in the world of renewable fuels.

HVO can be used in diesel engines without modification, and has been approved for use by a large number of manufacturers, which include:

Heavy-duty road vehicles Passenger cars Non-road vehicles
DAF Mercedes-Benz John Deere
Scania DS Automobiles Agco
Volvo Citroen Caterpillar
MAN Volvo Steyr
Mercedes-Benz Renault Scania
Renault Peugeot

Reasons to choose HVO fuel over regular diesel:

  • Synthetic, second- generation paraffinic fuel.
  • Suitable for a number of applications eg generators, industrial power systems and vehicles.
  • Meets EN15940 standards and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II giving it the same combustion qualities as mineral diesel, without the environmental pitfalls.
  • UK approvals of HVO fuel include a wide range of manufacturers so it can be used straight away with no modifications.
  • High certane number of up to 90 offers improved starting performance and low cloud point of -32°C which reduces the likelihood of waxing in cold temperatures.
  • High flashpoint impoves safety, handling and storage compared to other fuels.
  • Up to 10 year shelf life compared to around 1 year for regular diesel.

We can supply to all these postcodes: All the AB postcodes, IV1-IV13, IV15-IV20, IV30-IV32, IV36, PH21-PH26, and we may deliver outside these areas with larger quantities. Please contact us, to discuss your requirements.