Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are used to upgrade fuel quality and to reduce field problems in the domestic, agricultural, construction, marine and industrial sectors. Fuel management is a critical part of any business and our customers have found that they increasingly need to take fuel quality into their own hands to meet operational needs.

We supply the following Regency branded Fuel Additives:

Regency Performance Plus

– is a Gas Oil additive to allow modern diesel engines calibrated on Derv to run on red diesel. The product will additionally enhance the performance of older vehicles. It will encourage easier starting, increased pulling power, smoother power delivery, reduce visible emissions, protects against premature wear in fuel pumps and fuel injectors, reduces friction, prevents filter blockages and keeps water out of the fuel.

Regency Lubricity

– is a Kerosene Lubricity Additive which can be used in domestic and commercial heating systems to protect fuel pumps from excessive wear/seizures. The product can additionally be used in lieu of gas oil or diesel in stationary equipment. It creates a barrier to reduce contact, friction and wear and will prolong equipment life.

Regency Supreme Plus

– is an additive for domestic Kerosene, that can be used to create a premium grade fuel. We supply it in a fragranced version. It lowers carbon emissions, inhibits sludge formation, reduces deposit build up around nozzles, reduces service problems and improves system efficiency.

Regency Cooker Additive

– is a specialist fuel additive designed to improve the “burn quality” of domestic kerosene when used in range-style cookers (eg AGAs, Rayburns, Waterford-Stanleys, etc) and boilers, where carbon build-up around the burner is commonplace. It lowers the char value, reduces build- up of carbon deposits and soot, minimises the potential for fuel tank corrosion and reduces service problems.

Regency Protect and Kill

– is a fuel soluble biocide and preservative and should be used at the first sign of “diesel bug” ie the blocking of filters with a slimy substance, which can range in colour from black to light brown. It can be used in bulk fuel storage or added directly into a vehicle or machine fuel tank. It has an immediate effect, eliminates plugging of filters and gauges, protects against tank and pipe corrosion and is an approved fuel additive of Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, NATO, Deutz, Shell, Swiss Army and many more.

If you have a specific requirement, and require another fuel additive, we are more than happy to source it for you.

Product data sheets are available for all our Fuel Additives.

We can supply to all these postcodes: All the AB postcodes, IV1-IV13, IV15-IV20, IV30-IV32, IV36, PH21-PH26 and we may deliver outside these areas with larger quantities. Please contact us, to discuss your requirements.

Fuel Additives